05 Mar 2015 12:14 am
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Railway orders inquiry into train run without driver

Srinagar: The Railway authorities had initiated an inquiry into how a train travelled about 20-km without any driver or official early today in south Kashmir.

Official sources said a train operating on the Qazigund- Srinagar-Budgam track plied without the help of an engine driver at 0145 hrs from DMU shed at Qazigund, last station in south Kashmir.

They said Railway Protection Force (RPF), state police personnel, deployed for the security of the train, and railway officials were in sleep when the train started moving towards Srinagar.

However, a police jawan noticed the movement of the train at a station and informed higher railway officials, RPF and other officials.

Later, messages were flashed to all station and finally the train was stopped at Panzgam station in Pulwama district with the help of erecting poles and blocks on the track.

Sources said inquiry had already been started. The train was thoroughly searched but nothing was found.

Train service, started in October 2008, remained suspended for about five months after tracks and railway stations were damaged during summer turmoil last year.

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